Orion’s First Football Game


Tekail Barnes, Writer

On August 23rd the Orion Chargers had their first Football game against Spring Valley Hall. Luke Dunlap said the football players were “very ready and motivated” and I agree. The game lasted hours and the Chargers did an amazing job. Before the game, I asked Nolan Loete how he thought the game was going to go and he replied, “Were gonna be good, we’re not gonna lose.”He has amazing confidence and that’s just what we need! Another thing every great team has is teamwork. Luke said, “I think we have really good chemistry and everybody is really good,” Nolan agreed and added, “…definitely make the playoffs.” I agree completely, this season is off to a great start! I think that the practices are paying off, Nolan agrees that “Practice is tough but tough practices are what you need to be successful.” In the end, all of their optimism was true and it ended in a great win. Keep it up chargers!