Student of The Week: Caleb Spranger

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Student of The Week: Caleb Spranger

Mary Mount

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This week the student of the week is Caleb Spranger. He is a senior and plays soccer, basketball, and runs track. I asked him a series of questions and these were his responses.

Q: If you were to get arrested, how would you get there?

A: “I would join a Mexican drug cartel and I would get caught transporting drugs.”

Q: Who is your celebrity crush, and why?

A: “If I really had to choose, probably Zendaya. She’s really pretty.”

Q: What is your favorite tv show and why?

A:”I would have to go with Friends, because it’s hilarious.”

Q: What is your favorite sport that you play, and why?

A: “Soccer, because I get to run around and scoring goals is fun.”

Q: Do you and your siblings get along?

A: “Yes, we tease each other a lot but we truly do get along.”

Q: Who is your favorite sibling?

A: “I like them all equally. They are all terrible and suck.”

Q: As a kid did you have any embarrassing nicknames?

A:  “I didn’t like my middle name when I was younger, I thought it was embarrassing.” (Melvin)

Q: What do you want to do after high school?

A: “I plan on becoming a history teacher or paramedic. I have no idea where I wanna go to school though.”

Q: What are qualities that your future spouse has?

A: “They have to be nice, funny, and pretty. They have to have a nice smile or they are out. They also have to pass the sibling test, if my siblings like them they are a keeper.”

Q: Can you cook, and if so what?

A: “Yes, I like making pasta and ramen. Ramen is delicious.”

Q: What is it like being an FCA leader?

A: “I enjoy being a leader because it challenges me to be a good person in all areas of life.”

Q: What is your favorite school lunch?

A: “My favorite school lunch is pancake on a stick, because they give us two of them.”

Q: What is your favorite season and why?

A: “I like the fall, because I can wear comfy clothes and I enjoy bonfires.”

Q: What is your favorite joke?

A: “What is pink and fuzzy?…Pink fuzz. What is blue and fuzzy?…Pink fuzz holding its breath.”

Q:Who is your all time favorite teacher?

A: “Mr. Ritt, he made me like history and he made the class fun.”