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Emiliah Morrison

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The question on whether abortions should or should not be allowed has been controversial for quite some time now. However, some states are quickly taking a stance on the issue. In Alabama, state legislatures have passed a new bill regarding abortions. The bill states that no mother can have an abortion. The one exception to this is only if the mother is at serious health risk of birthing the child. Also, if doctors perform abortions without being told to do so, they automatically face 99 years in prison. There have already been a lot of speakouts about this issue, even though the soonest this bill can go into effect is in 6 months. 

To read more about this new bill, click on this link. 

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  1. Quentin Manuel on May 20th, 2019 12:53 pm

    The only reason why Alabama did this, is not to take a stand against pro-life, but rather, force the supreme court to get involved and pass federal laws regarding it. They make these law, people speak out, and new Federal laws are set in place for every state, so just know that this bill isn’t going to last long.

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