NBA Draft Lottery


Eli Kayser, Writer

The NBA Draft is different from other major sports. Instead of teams having draft picks by record, they are put into a lottery and the non-playoff teams all have a chance at the number one pick. This year, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Phoenix Suns, and New York Knicks all had an equal chance to get the number one pick. Duke standout Zion Williamson is probably going to be the first pick in the draft, so this pretty much determined where he’d go. The pick order was announced in descending order. The first few went as expected. Then things got crazy.

Phoenix will pick 6th, Cleveland 5th, and New York 3rd. And the first pick goes to…New Orleans? The Pelicans only had a 6% chance to get the number one pick. Now, it looks like they get Zion. The Pelicans have probably the best trade material in basketball. Anthony Davis’ future with the team was uncertain. But, paired up with Zion, New Orleans will probably hold onto him. A potential landing spot for AD was New York. But, now that they don’t have the number one pick, that is unlikely.

While fans in New Orleans are happy, New York fans aren’t. After having the worst record in basketball, they were looking forward to a good summer. Now it looks like they’ll miss out on Davis. Luckily for the Knicks, AD isn’t the only player they were looking at. Kevin Durant is going to be a free agent, and might be looking to leave Golden State. Even though it’s a fairly small event, the Lottery effected a lot of teams.