National Peace Officers Memorial Day

Katie Noyd, Journalists

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As some of you may know, May 15 has been named Nation Peace Officers Memorial day by President John F. Kennedy. National Peace Officers Day or Police Week is in honor of the officers who have given their lives for others or who put their lives on the line daily to serve their communities. It’s a week/day, depending on the city and department, of honoring officers through vigils, ceremonies, or even seminars for officers and families. Often times departments and city halls hold these events; however, Police Week is celebrated by all, as it is a national memorial day. Often times on May 15 you usually see flags at half mast honoring and remembering the officers who lost their lives by protecting their community. By spectators this holiday is often observed and honored by putting up U.S. flags or displaying the thin blue line flag. The thin blue line flag (as shown below) represents police and law enforcement all over the U.S. It’s a color of support for the “boys (and girls) in blue”, in other words your police officers. Also, you can place posts on a social media platform for national police week by using the hashtag #PeaceOfficersMemorialDay.

So on the week of May 15 please honor and remember the officers who put their lives at risk to protect and serve your community every day.

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