The End

Ryan Fowler

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Towards the end of the season the lacrosse team has played many games this past week. Mostly losses but still some scattered victories in the mix. The end of the season makes the record 4-9. Considering it was a team thrown together that record is pretty. Chad ended up being the top scorer for the team with Will trailing only 6 points behind. Ray has saved more than 100 points from being scored.

“It was a pretty good season I’d have to admit. The practices were difficult but not as bad as they could have been,” said Chad. “I’m glad I got to play my last year of school.

“This season kept me in shape for wrestling next year at Cornell!” Ray claimed.

Overall a pretty successful season but all good things have to come to an end. We appreciate all the support you guys have given us.


Just so you all know, the lacrosse team never existed and was never even a real thing. Johnson does not coach it and Will and Chad do not play the sport. Thanks for the great year.

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