Top 5 Video Games of 2019

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Top 5 Video Games of 2019

Gage Eastin

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5. Mortal Kombat XI:

For many people around the world, Mortal Combat is a fun way to competitively fight each other to the death in a safe manner. This game is just like the other Mortal Kombats in respect to its use of gore and fighting tactics. What is new in this game though is the additional characters along with new fatality moves that are extremely impressive.

4. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order:

EA is again riding off the waves of a revived Star Wars franchise and have created a new game that is looking very promising. In this game you are one of the Jedi that is alive during the ignition of order 66. You are tasked with survival and have to try and find other jedi in which you can join up with. In all I believe this game will be a very good one and fun for the average player.

3. Days Gone:

Days Gone is a zombie based game that i found very interesting. From the beginning of the story you are tasked with survival and are faced with multiple challenges along the way. Some people have claimed that the story is not well developed but I have to disagree with them on that point. This is a very fun game to play.

2. Far Cry: New Dawn:

This game is a spin off of Far Cry 5. It is very interesting game due to the fact that it is based 15 years in the future. In the previous Far Cry there was a nuclear war that devastated the planet. To make things short you are tasked with saving groups of survivors that have been wandering around since the war. You end up fighting many different enemies throughout the campaign.

1. BattleField 5:

Set in the era of WW2, BattleField 5 does an accurate depiction of a series of battles that took place during the war. Just like in previous BattleFields you can participate in multiplayer campaigns that take place over several ingame days. They even added a battle royal game mode to try and leach off of the standalone battle royals. This is the best game of 2019


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