You Know What Burns My Bacon (Final)

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You Know What Burns My Bacon (Final)

Cade Jackson, Writer

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Editor’s Note: The views and values displayed and voiced within this article do not reflect the views of the Scarlet Ink. These views are purely based in the writer’s own beliefs. 

What burns my bacon is that this is my last burns my bacon ever pretty much. This article has had some good times, and not so good times. I started this column two years ago so I could start conversations about topics among students here at Orion, but it was mostly me just stating my opinion and putting out information. I’ve had teachers like Mrs. Cline (your welcome everyone in her class for extra credit) and Mr. Johnson (gonna miss you man)  contribute to the comments and I appreciate them for that. I’ve had multiple students comment on them and talk amongst themselves. I did hot topics a lot my junior year and kinda stopped writing about them this year. For the last Bacon, though, I’m going all out. I’m going to cover just about anything I remotely disagree with. Thank you for following this article for my two years of writing.

So here it goes…. ( DISCLAIMER- If you are easily offended don’t read this because you will get mad, then probably yell at me.)


What burns my bacon? (First my top two requests that I never did)


3rd Wave Feminism-

3rd wave feminism hasnt benefited anyone in a first world country. Men and women are already very equal. The 1st and 2nd wave feminism was good and helped push women to be equal and have more rights. 3rd wave feminist are the ones who think cold AC’s are sexist (Yes, it’s a thing).



I don’t agree with the killing of babies.



You can’t magically change your sex, the XY and XX chromosomes determine if you’re male or female. If you can change your sex or gender, then what’s stopping people from changing their ages as well. You can’t change either of them.



These are not the normal left, they are the crazy ones that push crazy laws that would never work. They also attack Trump supporters a lot for no reason.


Tik Tok-




Also cancer



You guessed it, cancer


3rd World Countries-

They need help because they don’t really do anything. Most of them have low life conditions and have very high crime rates.



Also very cancerous



Hundreds of millions have died as a result of communism and people starve a lot. Also, people for some reason still think it works.



Not comfy, only good for work, 3/10



They do really annoying protests and stop traffic for some protests. They also freak out about us killing animals but not animals killing animals.


People Who Don’t Shower-

Y’all need to shower because the school days are worse when people don’t shower and they smell awful.


Gun Control-

Don’t infringe on the 2nd I don’t like that. Gun laws don’t really stop shooting or anything, you’re only stopping the normal person from protecting themselves.


People Who Think There Are More Than 2 Genders-

There’s only 2


Club Penguin Being Shut Down-

It was a good game, sad to see it go 🙁



It’s really dumb, I have seen 0 good reasons to vape. Also, it makes you look dumb when you do it.


Wage Gap-

Does Not exist.


People Who Think The Okay Sign Means White Power-

It doesn’t mean white power, it’s just a meme don’t freak out about it.



Post what burns your bacon down below to keep it going!

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