Felony Charges for a Dog Poop Bomb

Felony Charges for a Dog Poop Bomb

Payton Bowling

A Portland man is facing felony charges for detonating a dog poop filled tool box bomb in his friends face.

After a friend not returning belongings over and over, it can get extremely frustrating. Stout, of Portland Oregon, decided that there was only one solution. The 48-year-old man made a homemade bomb full of dog feces.  He is now facing charges for collecting his own dog’s poop as well as the neighbor’s, and poop from the park and making a bomb that detonates upon opening. Stout admitted to watching pranking videos and stated that it was just some fun. Although nobody was hurt, and Stouts explanation could’ve been valid, the explosion wasn’t just like any other prank. The criminal papers stated that “it exploded with such force that it sounded like an M80 going off and the dog scat was blown out of the toolbox.”

Stout has not been charged with assault, and luckily nobody was hurt. Police say that the bomb was extremely intricate, containing an airbag from a car, wiring, a battery, and various switches. Stout was put in jail, but the same day got out with a $2000 bail.

But, that’s not all. As the police searched his house as the investigation process, they found a sawed off shotgun and meth. He was then charged with 3 more charges– meth possession, a felony for possession of firearm, and unlawfully owning a short barrel shotgun.

So, moral of the story, don’t blow up a poop bomb in your friend’s face.