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Rachel VanDuyne

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All around the country students everywhere are starting to give up. It’s that time of the year again, summer is just around the corner, but in process of running towards the three month vacation you hit a brick wall of finals and slipping grades. Nobody wants to do their homework, after all we’ve already been in school for about eight months.

In order to get some motivation to finish strong here are some things you can do:

– Write down your homework and what time you need to start it.

– Make your bed in the morning, it will help you want to complete other tasks.

– Use a reward system. Everytime you finish a chapter or a paragraph have a piece of candy or take a five minute break.

– Eat breakfast in the morning so you have more energy at school.

Other things to think about to brighten your day are: We only have 21 days of school, homework, and tests left (11 for seniors), the weather will soon be beautiful, and we have memorial day off.

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