Tough Stuff

Ryan Fowler

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We all have that time in a sport where we ask ourselves, “why am I doing this?” There is no denying that most sports can be exhausting, but lacrosse is probably the physically challenging sport at Orion. It has the physicality of football and the continuous running of soccer. If you think the games are bad, just think of how bad the practices are!

“Yeah, practices suck! They so, so tiring at times that I legitimately cannot move any farther.” Senior goalie, Ray Herd explained. “I understand why practice is so hard, just like wrestling, but sometimes it seems like Mr. Johnson can be excessive.”

“I don’t mind the practices that much, to be honest. It keeps me in shape even though I’m probably gonna become fat in college.” said Chad Banfield. “Practices can be tough, but I know it’s for a good cause.”

Are any sports really that easy? Sure, you can get get through practices, but they can be so exhausting that it just sucks. Lacrosse is a demanding sport and the players practice hard to play. Be sure to wish them luck at their next game!