25-year-old Iowa Woman Killed on Her Way Home


Ella Oliva

Micalla Rettinger was said to be driving home with two other passengers at 2:30am on Sunday when a bullet ripped through her windshield and killed her. The fellow passengers both survived, Adam Kimball is being treated for injuries at the University of Iowa Hospitals in Iowa City and the other passenger was uninjured.

The police put out a statement saying, “There is nothing to indicate the victims in this case were in any way involved in any activity that would have caused them to be targeted in this manner.”

This left Waterloo officers in search for anyone who may have been “shooting or hunting (legal or illegal) in the area of the Cedar River between Highway 218 Bridge and the Cover Ave. Bridge.” There is a $7,000 reward for anyone containing information on who may have shot Rettinger.

Rettinger attended school at the University of Northern Iowa and graduated in 2016 with a degree in biology. She was also a beloved player of the school’s softball team. Many of her coaches and teammates expressed their love for her and how much she will be missed. The team honored her with a moment of silence at their game Tuesday night. For more information on the investigation please visit www.cnn.com, please be safe and never take your loved ones for granted.