The Royal Cheating Scandal


Payton Bowling

Prince William has cheated on his wife, with her best friend, Rose Hanbury.

Kate and William have been together for 16 years (since 2003), and have 3 kids together. On April 23, Kate returned to London with only her children. To some, nobody was surprised, because of the Prince Charles’ famous affair with his current wife Camilla Shand while married to Princess Diana. To others, they were surprised, because of the great relationship they had, and that it was with Kate’s best friend.

Some have been blaming Megan Marle for whatever happens to the royal family. Usually though, situations like these stay between those within the situation, but that is apparently not the case. There was a story claiming that Megan told Kate that Williams wandering eye was her fault. These stories are most likely not true, but many people are enraged about it.

So, what are your thoughts? Who’s side are you on?