How to Pass Your Classes

Ella Oliva

With only 6 weeks of school left finals are approaching. Most of our classes are starting to cram in a lot of work due to all the snow days we had this winter, and it’s definitely starting to add up. Trying to study can be difficult, especially if you have sporting events/practice to attend or work almost everyday after school. Studying in general is just not on the top of anyone’s to-do list honestly. By the time we finish the homework we are assigned that day we are already exhausted and tend to put studying off until “tomorrow” which turns into the day before the test or the morning of the exam.

If you have these study habits you are going to be stressed to the max these next few weeks and your grades will most likely suffer! To avoid this I have a few tips that have definitely helped me throughout this year. First, write it all out, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when receiving a lot of homework and having exams to study for in the same week. This is when you should grab a piece of paper and write down each assignment and when it’s due, along with any sporting events or your work schedule. Then go back and start adding in times to study for any quizzes or tests you may have. This doesn’t sound that helpful but trust me it’s easier to see everything written out rather than trying to remember all of it, you also avoid the problem of forgetting to do an assignment.

Another tip I have is to make notecards! Everyone has their own way of studying that works for them, but I personally find that making notecards is so helpful to me. Along with this I’ve discovered I tend to remember things better if I make connections with them. Maybe something reminds you of your great aunt’s dog, get creative with it! It may sound silly, but it’ll make you remember any vocab word you are attempting to memorize.

My last tip is to study in an environment where you can focus. It’s so easy to get distracted and put off actually focusing on your subject. Personally, I prefer going to a Starbucks to focus because it gets me out of the house which could be helpful to someone who may have a noisy house. However, if you live in Orion and can’t drive or don’t want to make the trip all the way in town, even going to our local library is a great option! An alternative would be studying with friends which can also be helpful. Although, this only works if everyone is focused on studying, and it doesn’t just turn into a hangout session where you all talk about how you’re all going to fail; try to help one another understand the subject matter!

I hope at least one of these tips are helpful for you, good luck to everyone with any tests or quizzes coming up!