First Dub!

First Dub!

Ryan Fowler

Last friday our lacrosse team traveled to East Central Peoria, an undefeated school winning 4 games this season already. Winning with ease in their games, they thought we would be an easy game to win, but they were wrong.

“When my team walked on the field we were all nervous about losing again.” Will R. claimed. “But we were there to play a game, so we tried our best. I didn’t think we would win until we scored our first points so easily.”

Will ended up scoring the majority of our points in the first half of the game and was taken out because of the massive lead we had. The ending score was 15-3 a huge victory for the Chargers against peoria.

“Next game I will score the most points in school history!” Chad, past top scorer, said “Will won’t be so lucky next time.”

We play again this Friday, wish us luck!