After Movie Review


Anna Silversmet

After is the latest movie teen girls are raving about. The beginning of the movie starts with the main character, Tessa, packing for college with her mom and boyfriend. When they get to Tessa’s college to help her unpack, they meet her roommates. Right away, Tessa’s mom wants to switch Tessa to a new room because she thinks that the girls in the room are bad influences. Tessa tells her mom that she wants to stay in the room because it is her life. Soon after her mom leaves, she meets Hardin. Hardin is a bad boy, and at first, Tessa wants nothing to do with him, but as the movie progresses, they develop a connection. Hardin tells Tessa that he “doesn’t date” and that upsets Tessa because she really starts to like him. Even though Tessa has a boyfriend, who is still in high school, she falls for Hardin. He makes Tessa question what she thought she knew about herself and what she values.