Emma Chamberlains Coachella Lookbook 2019

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Emma Chamberlains Coachella Lookbook 2019

Payton Bowling

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Emma Chamberlain killed it this year at Coachella, and her outfits were the whole reason why.

Day 1:

Emma wore a funky pair of black and white pants with pink fringe on the bottom with a black tank

(She actually had all of her outfits planned weeks prior, but changed her day 1 look last minute.)


Day 2:

This was my favorite look. A black leather bralette with high waisted striped colorful pants. She paired it with a cute choker and some iconic red glasses.

(I also think she loved herself in this one, because the picture she posted on her instagram was her admiring herself in the mirror.)


Day 3:

Emma wore her air force ones that she DIY’d with a high waisted pair of shorts that she also DIY’d and a knitted green top, with a cutout at the chest.

(She has a video of the DIY process on her youtube channel. She used acrylic paint!)


If you want anymore information on her looks, watch her video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7txigIPoNI


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