Prom Prep

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Prom Prep

Jenna Woolley

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Prom is less than two weeks away now, so it’s probably a good time to start thinking about what your plans are for the night in terms of dinner and pictures. Also, after-prom tickets will be sold soon, so make sure you pick those up sometime as well if you plan to attend.

If you’re stuck as to where to go for dinner, check out the list below for some ideas.

  1. River House- This is not too far from the river in downtown Moline, so it’d be convenient if you wanted to do pictures by the river.
  2. Osaka- There is a Davenport and Moline location, so you can decide whether to cross the bridge or not.
  3. Olive Garden- This also has a Moline and Davenport location.
  4. TGI Fridays- This is right by the river in Moline, so it would also be convenient for river pictures.
  5. Barrel House- This place has three locations, so you can choose which one to dine at.
  6. Texas Road House- We all know how good this place is, but be cautious about the wait times here.
  7. Buffalo Wild Wings- This is a more casual place to eat at, but gets busy around dinner time, so watch the wait times.

If you’re struggling to find scenic places for pictures, below is a list of some common places.

  1. Vander Veer Park- Super pretty location, but it does get pretty packed.
  2. Riverside Park- Provides a nice spot by the water.
  3. Black Hawk State Park- Very scenic, pretty location.
  4. Unity Point Health Trinity- Has a nice stairwell for indoor pictures or a fountain for outdoor pictures.

Don’t be afraid to just eat at a group member’s house and take pictures there. Grilling out can be a nice alternative for a pricey dinner. If you’re looking for more picture place suggestions, check out this link , or if you’re looking for good places to eat, check out this link.

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