Album Review: Free Spirit by Khaild

Ray Herd

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The long awaited sophomore album from twenty-one year old music sensation, Khalid, released last week. The long awaited album titled Free Spirit contains a total of seventeen tracks, four of which have been released as singles, or on his previous EP titled Suncity, which was released in October of 2018. Nevertheless, the whole album clocks in at just about an hour (fifty-seven minutes and thirteen seconds [57:13]) of music.

With having listened to the whole album a few times through, I have some opinions both good and bad about it. The album is honestly a letdown but with this being said it was worth the just about two year wait from Khalid’s first album. However, in my opinion, it does not live up in comparison to his first album, American Teen. On American Teen, each song felt different, everyone knew every song, and you could tell one song from another. This is possibly because as a young artist, Khalid was experimenting in finding his own sound. Now that he has found his own sound, he doesn’t really try to deviate from this. The whole album sounds the same. As I read other reviews on this album, other writers used the term “playing it safe” and I couldn’t agree more. In my opinion, now that Khalid is a household name, he is afraid to take more risks with his music. While this album has some good songs, it all just sounds like the same bland song all together.

Honestly, I can’t recommend that you listen to the whole album as it just gets boring and repetitive. There are some songs that I can recommend that aren’t bad. These songs are: “Bad Luck”, “Talk”, “Paradise”, and “Hundred.” Al-in-all, this album was a bit of a letdown with Khalid not taking his music in a new direction, especially when he has shown potential to take his music in any genre he wants. I would give this album a six out of ten.

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