Summer Shopping On a Budget


Ella Oliva

With the weather finally starting to warm up, everyone is eager to break out into new summer clothes! However, I think everyone is aware of how expensive clothes can be. Personally, I have the hardest time buying a shirt for less than 30 dollars. Here are some stores that have lower prices that still have really cute clothes!

TJ Maxx- Definitely an underrated store in my opinion, however I’ve found so many off brand birks and chacos for at least half the price they would originally be. This store may be messy but it’s worth the time to look through the racks of clothes. I can promise you that you will leave with things you didn’t even know you needed.

Plato’s Closet- This has been one of my favorite stores for the past few years. This is a high class version of Good-Will, and they usually only take name brand clothing from people. Also, you also get money for the clothes you donate. So while you’re shopping for new summer clothes you can bring in a bag of old clothes you don’t wear and use that money to buy new clothes. This store can be overwhelming, however, you find so many good deals but you will definitely need to dedicate at least an hour or two.

H&M- This is a semi-new store located in North Park Mall. This is definitely a trendy store with great prices. You can especially find amazing deals in their clearance section! This style isn’t for everyone but if you like it, it’s a great option for cheap and trendy clothing for summer.

Gordmans- I know what you’re thinking, and hear me out, I know this is the store you drive past without a second thought, however this store is a diamond in the rocks. I never used to shop here but I went in recently and was shocked at how many cute clothes they had. The options are endless, this store is huge and filled with clothing racks! A downside is that it’s a bit messy so you really have to be dedicated to searching through some clothes but I think you’ll thank me later.


These are four of my personal favorite stores to buy cute clothes from when I’m on a budget. I hope this was helpful and that you guys will give these stores a chance!