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Kian Pfannenstiel, Writer

A friend of mine mentioned that there was a list of “60 Interesting Human Attraction Facts,” found here. I don’t have the time to outline all 60 of them, so I’m listing the 5 that I found most interesting.

  1. Teachers expect more attractive children to perform well, leading to more attention, less punishment, and better grades.
  2. More attractive politicians are more likely to get more media coverage than less attractive politicians.
  3. In most cultures, women are more attracted to older men than younger men because men can reproduce much later in life and older men have more resources.
  4. Tall men have greater reproductive success than shorter men because they are more successful at attracting mates.
  5. A study found that women tend to date men that look like their fathers.

And if you think someone might be into you, you can use this video to check and be certain:

Signs and Signals of Attraction.