A Bad Start?

A Bad Start?

Ryan Fowler

Over Spring break, our lacrosse team had their first game against the Dunlap Eagles.  Suffering a loss of 13-2, the Orion Chargers fell to an undefeated Eagles.

There were several highlights from the game, such as lead scorer Chad Banfield scoring our only 2 points of the game having to plow through 4 people to launch the ball past their goalie. The agile competitor leads the team’s hopes and dreams for a victory soon.

Not only was Chad a great star, but our goalie, Ray Herd, prevented multiple balls from scoring. Saving about 9 goals from happening, he saved the team from a larger deficit. “I’m just glad that I am good at catching balls with my Lacrosse stick.” he said.

With Ray at goal, Chad can freely attack the other team and try to make a win out of our little team.

The team’s next match is this Saturday, be sure to wish them luck in the halls!