April 12 2019, and why it is Awesome

April 12 2019, and why it is Awesome

Payton Bowling

Next Friday, 2 new movies are coming out, and teenage girls are raving over them.

1) After


The rating of this movie was unknown for about 3 months, but they just came out with the rating of PG-13, so A++++++ for most of us high schoolers.

This movie is about a girl named Tessa who just finished high school, and is starting off college. Tessa is known to be a very good student, and a loyal girlfriend to her high school sweetheart. Though, when she gets to college,  she meets Hardin, a mysterious bad boy who causes her to question everything she thought and knew about herself.

2) The Perfect Date


This movie is starring Noah Centineo, so ladies, get your popcorn ready.

Brooks Rattigan(Noah Centineo) is trying to save up money for college. He has dreamed to be a rich kid his whole life, with the coolest cars and clothes. As he is working one day, he overhears the rich boy say he has to take his cousin on a date for money, and Brooks says he will take his place. This is where his whole idea sparks. He creates an app where he will go on a date with any girl for money, and the girl can design his personality, and how he looks. He is hoping to get money for college, but also he wants to date the hottest girl in his school, Shelby Pace, but she only dates rich boys. But, just when Brooks’ life is falling into place, his feelings get in the way of his ¨success.¨