That Feeling

That Feeling

Ryan Fowler

Have you ever had days where you just don’t feel the same? Days where you don’t listen to your usual music or don’t talk to the same people as always. Maybe you don’t feel like talking to anyone at all that day. Everyone has those days even if they don’t want to admit it.

Having these kinds of days could be for many reasons. You could be overly stressed about something, whether it’s school or something at home. If this is true try to resolve these problems quickly because overstress can lead to other problems in you life, such as sleep deficiency. We all know how bad that can get.

Another reason is you decide mentally that you don’t want to deal with everyone’s drama or attitude. We have those days where we can put up with people for a while but they get on your nerves. Others days we can deal with anything that is thrown our way; except that one day where you want nobody to even come close to your personal bubble. Even if they ask “whats wrong?”, you still don’t answer because that question is starting to annoy you.

If your having days like this just know you’re not the only one who may be like that. Try to be nice to people no matter how annoying you think it is. People are just trying to help you.