Help the Environment

Gage Eastin

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Plastic pollution is the most common form of physical pollution in the United States. This means that anywhere we go we will most likely see plastic littered throughout the environment. Many people believe that this plastic pollution issue is not their problem, but it is all of our problems. If we continue to throw away plastics at the rate that we are right now, the damage done to the environment will be irreversible or at least very difficult to fix.

We must do our part in helping our environment. Whenever you purchase plastic products make sure that you recycle them. If you find yourself using plastics that aren’t recyclable make sure that you dispose of them properly and consider find a more eco friendly product. Finally, take some time to go out and pick up any litter that you see. Most people don’t do this because they think it is too difficult but it is not. If everyone does their part we can help create a much healthier environment and a better future for all of us.


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Help the Environment