Sunshine, the Beach, and Baseball

Jenna Woolley

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Excitingly enough, the Orion Varsity Baseball team landed a spot in a tournament held over Spring Break in Myrtle Beach. You might be asking how exactly they were able to get into this tournament and how it even came about, so to answer your questions, I asked Jeremy Jungwirth, head varsity coach.

As far as where the idea to play in this tournament came from, Jeremy got it from his past spring break trips when he played baseball in college. Jeremy said, “It was really good for team camaraderie so I thought we could take that to the high school. There’s been other schools that have done it so we thought it’d be fun for the kids.” Playing baseball in 60°-70° weather will be a nice change for the team since the first few games of the season were played in cold, rainy weather. 

To make it all happen, Jeremy had to go to the school board to try and get it all approved. “They had a series of questions for me and we had to work through how we were going to get down there and get back and make sure the kids were safe.”

As far as when the team actually plays, they play the week of March 25th on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for sure. So wish the baseball players good luck before they leave and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask them or a coach.

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