Puppy Season!

Puppy Season!

Ella Oliva, Writer

With spring time coming up, that means it’s mating season for dogs. Which means we need to talk about which dogs to get and feel free to leave your favorite dog breeds in the comments!

First up, we have the Siberian Husky. If you want a laid back dog who sleeps all day, this dog is not for you. These dogs are very high energy and require lots of attention. These dogs are very intelligent, so much so that they are great escape artists which can be challenging. However, these dogs are very friendly and are known for their gorgeous eyes.

Next, we have the Collies! This includes bearded collies and border collies, both are very family friendly and recommended as a first dog for families. They are very gentle with children. A downside is that they have long hair which requires lots of grooming. They are known to be stubborn which is why obedience training is suggested.

Thirdly, we have the popular breed of labrador retrievers. These dogs are highly intelligent which makes the training process very easy. Not to mention these dogs are very friendly and loving. Although, they require lots of exercise and shed a large amount.

Switching to a smaller dog, we have the beagles. These dogs are on the medium/small size compared to the previous dogs. This breed was originally trained for hunting dogs, meaning they love being outside and going on trails. Another good quality about beagles are that they’re great guard dogs who are very smart. However, these dogs are also very friendly.

Finally, we have another smaller breed, bulldogs! These stocky dogs tend to be more laid back which is perfect if you have a busy schedule. Another plus to getting a bulldog is how gentle they are with children. One downfall to buying this breed, is they tend to have very bad breath, weeze, and drool often.