Did you notice?


Ryan Fowler, Writer

Everyday we dress ourselves and go to school. Sometimes we dress for comfort, sometimes for style. But how long until someone notices you wearing the same thing? Clothes that we wear many times a week and people don’t notice. Shirts and shorts people can tell if you wore them the day before and will probably think you have bad hygiene. Others not so much.

Jeans can be a good example for this. We don’t always wear jeans one time then put them in the wash right? We wear them multiple times before washing again. On average we don’t wash jeans until after 4-5 uses of them. They still don’t seem dirty to others but we know they are. The question is, is wearing jeans many times before washing bad hygiene or just normal wear? Personally, I don’t think it’s bad, it’s just normal to wear them multiple times.

Not just jeans, but also hoodies. Just as jeans are worn multiple times, we wear hoodies the same, if not more, than jeans. We still can’t tell if they are dirty or not on others but only yourself. The question remains, is it considered bad hygiene or normal?