Mongolian Takes Over Tastebuds – HuHot Food Review


Ryan Dondanville

Our first 3 meals of the night.

Drew DeKeyrel

Last Sunday night, Sarah, Ryan, and myself all took a trip up to HuHot Mongolian Grill in Davenport, IA at 3006 E 53rd St. When we walked inside, we were greeted by a singing chef who was spinning and dropping his spatulas as he cooked, praying he would not continue to use them. We were quickly seated by the only working waitress, who then explained to us that HuHot is an all-you-can-eat buffet and how it works. After this explanation, she left us so we could begin our quest of forging the perfect Mongolian meal. When we were done picking all of the ingredients for our meals, we handed it over to the Singing Chef, who then prepared it right in front of us, all the while serenading us with terrible showtunes. We returned back to our table and enjoyed our meal.

We enjoyed many things that this restaurant had to offer, including their pop and food selections. One of the things this restaurant is most known for is its 12 different sauces. These sauces vary from sweeter and mild to extremely spicy. We did all try the two hottest sauces with spicy sausage, jalapeño oil, and hot chili oil, but we did not experience excruciating pain like we all thought we would. We also liked that you are able to almost completely create your own meal with various meats, noodles, vegetables, and sauces.

Although there were many things we did like about HuHot, there were some things that we were less enthusiastic about. Sarah said that she felt like the restaurant was dirty, partly because the chef dropped the spatulas three times while we were there. Another thing we didn’t like was how long it took for us to get our bills. There was only one waitress working that night so it wasn’t her fault, but it took awhile to get our bills back after we gave them to her. Ryan never did get his bill back.

Overall, we thought the food was good. It isn’t authentic Mongolian food, but it is good food. Ryan rates the Singing Chef 10/10.