Where to Send Your Sadies Pictures!


Ella Oliva

As most of you are aware Orion High School hosted our Sadie’s last Saturday.Here are what some of your fellow classmates thought about the dance.

What was the most memorable moment of the dance?

“Probably when they played Thotiana because everyone got down to it and it was just a good time.” – Chloe Rittenhouse

What was your favorite song played?

“Yeah! by Usher, because Macenzie and I went ham during it.” – Sydney Perkins

On a scale of 1-10 how stressful was your group?

“10 in my group the boys didn’t wanna go last minute, then they wanted to go again.” -Ashley Awbrey

Where did your group eat at? Would you recommend it ?

“We ate at Culvers in bettendorf and I would recommend because it’s more casual so you can just hangout with your friends.” -Molly Vestal

How long did you stay at the dance?

“Mm about 2 hours.” – Jared Mohr

Who in your opinion was the best dancer?

“Hailey James, because she knows all the moves to every song and teaches me how to do them.” – Avery Noble


NOTE: Please send in your Sadies pictures to Mrs. Kershaw or send them to the Scarlet Ink instagram to be in the yearbook!