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Kian Pfannenstiel, Writer

There are a lot well-known, older movies that could be remade with better effects and fresh actors to give a new face to familiar stories and characters. Other movies could not be remade well. Outlined below is an example of a movie that could be remade well and why, as well as an example of what couldn’t be remade well and why.

  1. Highlander—This film from 1986 outlines the tale of Connor MacLeod (pronounced Mick-Cloud), a Scotsman who died in battle in the 16th century, but came back the day after. He was chased out of his hometown for having the devil in him. Shortly thereafter, Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez (or, shorter could be 007) teaches MacLeod that he is immortal and, in the end, “There can be only one.” The last living highlander (an immortal) gets “the prize”, but they can only be killed via decapitation. Should the movie be remade, a little more realism in the fights would be nice (for instance, not having electrical sparks fly when two very normal swords clash) and a more fleshed-out mythos as to why the highlanders are the way they are and why they won’t fight on holy ground. Otherwise, cleaning up special effects and capping it off with fixed continuity and what you’re left with is cinematic gold.
  2. Any James Bond film starring Roger Moore or an earlier actor (that includes Sean Connery, who played Ramirez in Highlander, and George Lazenby), but that is mostly because they are set in the 60’s to early 80’s, so a lot of the charm that comes with the move would be gone. After Roger Moore played the famed MI6 agent for the last, Timothy Dalton stepped in and did a decent job, but it was with Dalton that the director (who, I must point out, is named Broccoli) started to get a little bit of Mission Impossible in his 007 or he got a little bit of 007 nostalgia in his Mission Impossible, and either way it isn’t okay.

Hope y’all enjoyed, and I’d love your opinions on either these examples or other ones. Thank you much.