Shoveling techniques


Payton Bowling

How to shovel snow efficiently and effectively.


  1. Dress in layers (it may get hot but you’ll avoid getting sick)
  2. Lube up your shovel, so the snow slides off easily. (Pam works good)

Shoveling techniques:

  1. Bend your knees and lift with your legs (continually lifting with your back can hurt it).
  2. Work both arms. Shovel right and left handed to use both muscles.
  3. When lifting the snow, keep the blade closer to your hand instead of far away (keeping it close is better for your back).
  4. If the snow is super deep, lift the top half first. Going all the was to the ground is heavier and harder on your body.


  1. Shovel the end of your driveway last. (When the plow trucks come by, they push snow onto the end of the driveway, so wait to shovel it until after they plow.)
  2. Make snow piles far away from your drive, so that you don’t re-shovel it in the future.
  3. Don’t forget about your plants!
  4. Get a snowblower if shoveling is too hard for you.

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