The Cheese Is Real

Ella Oliva, Writer

For those of you who aren’t aware, a gourmet macaroni and cheese restaurant has recently opened in Bettendorf, Iowa, called Cheesy Cow. While serving 11 different types of macaroni and cheese they also have grilled cheese, soups, salads, and they provide gluten free options. Co-owner Beth Aronson mentioned in her interview with WQAD, that all their sauces are made from scratch, which is the secret to their taste!

I personally went to see what all the hype was about on January 5th. A small warning that the turn into the parking is easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention, also keep in mind they are doing construction right by the restaurant. Once I managed to find a parking spot, I saw the line was backed up to the doors, however, it was definitely worth the wait. Staying on the cautious side, I ordered the Original Mac, however, my mom got the Southwest Mac which includes Pepper jack Mac sauce, chorizo, tortilla strips, salsa, sour cream, cheddar cheese, and drizzled with chipotle aioli sauce. We were both very impressed with our orders.

The interior was very creative and bright. The staff was friendly and greeted everyone with a smile even with the stress of a packed house. Our food was quick to arrive and fairly inexpensive, we were both stuffed after our meals and we got the smallest portion size. Cheesy Cow is conveniently right next to the famous Hurts Donuts, as well as a new coffee shop called Coffee Hound. I would definitely recommend you check this place out!