Tips for Healthy Living

Katie Noyd, Journalist

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Prepping for 2019 can consist of various ideas in order to boost your health and reduce your budget. Many New Year’s Resolutions for people around the world is the dream of getting healthy. This could be through hitting the gym or even meal prepping everyday. Being in a rural town like Orion, it is difficult to find a gym, especially an affordable one. Balancing a budget while keeping your health as a top priority is difficult when shopping but these tips will assist you in everyday encounters.

  1. On Saturdays or Sundays do your shopping for your meal prep, so it’s all done at one time and ready to make. (Unless you take advantage of Wellness Wednesday)
  2. Hy-vee always has a stacked organic section along with Wellness Wednesday which gives 10% off your wellness foods and groceries on Wednesday.
  3. Focusing on veggies, such as corn and peppers, while adding in things such as rice and pre-cooked chicken to your lunches make for an easy, healthy meal.
  4. Weighing your containers of food also helps with weight fixation and makes for a more exact diet plan.
  5. Incorporating all of your food groups throughout a period of 2-3 days at a time with fluctuation will keep you a happier and healthier person.

Gyms in the area with great prices are:

-Orion Kickboxing

– The Y

-Gold’s Gym

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