Organizational tips for 2019


Payton Bowling

For your locker;

  1. BUY LOCKER SHELVES!! These keep your books from getting lost, and avoids the infamous locker jam. They are SUPER cheap, and if you don’t want to buy one, so many people give away old ones for free.
  2. Stop throwing your books in the locker as if you have 2 seconds to get your things. Passing periods are short, but not THAT short. If you don’t have time to stop at your locker, then take other class supplies with you!
  3. Get a mini locker crate, and put a trash bag in it. We all have trash cans in our hallways, but I know 99% of you don’t use them for your tiny gum wrappers. The mini crate is the perfect mini trash can that avoids you having trash all up in your locker.


For your binders/pencil bag;

  1. For your binder, make a specific spot to put each paper. Get dividers, and split your papers into categories, and you can find everything very easy. Also, if you fall behind on your paper pattern, just take a few mins in study hall or at home to fix it all up.
  2. For your pencil bag, there is no amazing way to keep it organized. The best I can come up with is to not overfill your bag. If you have to much in it, it makes it harder to find what you need, and nobody likes looking for a red pen for 20 mins.


For your room;

  1. Get a hamper!!!!!!! If you don’t already have a hamper(dirty clothes bucket), I highly suggest you invest in one. It gives you a place to put your dirty clothes, instead of on your floor.
  2. Organize your dresser drawers. You don’t need to label them, just take a day to clean them out and fill them in a way that makes it easiest for you. This is SO very helpful to me, because I can literally never pick out an outfit and with this, I find my clothes quick and easy.
  3. Get little crates that are stackable for your closet. If you have millions of perfume bottles, and don’t want them all out in the open, put them in some of these! Or, you could put winter clothes in them to free up dresser space, they are super customizable.


For your car:

  1. Keep grocery bags on hand 24/7. With these, you won’t be throwing trash all over your car, and at the end of the week, you can just throw the bag in your trashcan. So easy.
  2. Put cups in your cup holders that will catch any grime that falls into them. These keep your cup holders from being super sticky, and gross.
  3. Make yourself an emergency bag of all the basic necessities, so if you ever run out of something, you’d have back up.