Interview: New Year’s Resolution

Interview: New Year's Resolution

McKenna Unger and Ella Oliva

As the new year begins we thought it would be a fun idea to interview a few people about their resolutions, and if they even believe in resolutions. Keep reading!

What is your New Year Resolution for this year ?

Hailee W.- “Well my actual one is to be nicer.”

Paula Mathena-“Be Bold, I’ve been very inspired by the freshman congress!”

Kian Pfannenstiel- “This year I’ve decided to dedicate more time to improving my writing skills.”

Do you have a plan to keep with your resolution?

Hailee W.- “Yes, I have to compliment someone once a day.”

Paula M.-“Tell the truth in a nice way, if necessary.”

Kian P.-“I bought a journal to which I will write in daily.”

Did you have a New Year resolution last year? If so, what was it and did you accomplish it?

Hailee W- “I did, it was to lose weight. But I actually gained weight.”

Paula M.-“Yes I did, it was to exercise more. I did this by walking on our new track everyday.”

Kian P.- ” I did, it was to be healthier, however, I failed miserably.”

Do you believe in New Year resolutions? If not, why?

Hailee W- “No, because you set to high of goals for yourself.”

Paula M.-“Not really, I try to do things when they need to be done, it’s also a lot of pressure.”

Kian P.-” I believe that the people who use it to get to a better place should you use, but if you aren’t gonna do it then I don’t see the point.”

What’s the craziest New Year resolution you’ve had or heard of someone else having?

Hailee W- “My brother wanted to lose 11 teeth one year.”

Paula M.- “I can’t think of any crazy ones besides people saying they want to lose a crazy amount of weight.”

Kian P.-“Someone wanted to get their black belt in Karate within the year.”

What do you think the leading cause is for people not achieving their resolutions?

Hailee W- “I think pressure. People pressure you into not doing it.”

Paula M.-“Probably expecting too much too soon. ”

Kian P.-” Lack of motivation.”

Do you agree with the saying “New year, new me” ? If not, why?

Hailee W-“Yeah!! Cause I gotta be nicer. I feel different. You change everyday.”

Paula M.- “Oh yes! Even new day, new me.”

Kian P.-” No, you don’t change overnight, you can use it as a reason to try to change, but you don’t just change.”

How long do you predict people will attempt to achieve their resolution?

Hailee W- “I think they try for like 2 weeks.”

Paula M.-“A month maybe.”

Kian P.-“2 1/2 weeks.”

After a New Year passes, do you think people carry their old resolutions into the upcoming years?

Hailee W- “No no no not at all.”

Paula M.-“Yes, I believe they do.”

Kian P.-“Not if they stop 2 1/2 weeks into trying.”

As we get older do you think New Year resolutions become more or less important? Why?

Hailee W- “I think they become more important when you’re older because you set goals for yourself.”

Paula M.-“I think it becomes more important as you get older and know yourself better, however you also know what you’ll actually follow through with and have more patience with yourself, although your always able to change with effort.”

Kian P.-” I think it increases for a period of time but then decreases. As a kid you don’t really care but as you get older you want to change but eventually give up.”


Let us know your New Year resolutions down below!