Frat President Accused of Rape Let Off With No Jail Time

Emiliah Morrison, Writer

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Jacob Anderson is a 23-year-old male whom was charged with four accounts of rape at a party in 2016 at Baylor University. Anderson was the president at Phi Delta Theta fraternity at the time of this incident. He was put on trial recently and accused guilty, but his charges were not extreme. Instead of jail time, Jacob has to pay a $400 fine but doesn’t have to register as a sex offender. His light charges caused the public to rage and people started a petition to remove the judge who let him off with no jail time. There was also another petition which 26,000 people signed to remove James from the University of Texas at Dallas campus. Whether you agree or disagree with the judges decision, it is fair to say that rape is something that should not be taken lightly. Rape is a big problem which America is facing, especially on college campuses. Which explains why so many people are outraged and are scared for Jacob to be on the streets again.


For this story, I used the site linked here to get my information.

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