Athlete of the Week: Courtney Farwell – Freshman – Basketball

Avery Noble, Writer

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Courtney Farwell is freshman involved in basketball and volleyball.


Q1: What is on your pre-game playlist?

A1: “A lot of country music, Dan and Shay.”


Q2: What is your biggest strength as a team?

A2: “We are a really good team, we support each other, and we don’t bring each other down.”


Q3: What is different from middle school and high school?

A3: “High school is way more competitive and people are more aggressive, and you get to play with the sophomores so it’s more fun.”


Q4: What position do you play?

A4: “The post.”


Q5: What is your number? And why did you chose it?

A5: “35, because my cousin was that number, and one more than my sister and we are close.”


Q6: What do you eat before games?

A6: “Subway.”


Q7: What other sports do you play?

A7: “Volleyball.”


Q8: Who taught you to play?

A8: “My sister and my mom.”


Q9: What motivates you during a game?

A9: “I love to play, it comes from my heart and knowing my family supports me.”


Q10: What is your goal this year?

A10: “Just to improve and be the best I can be and to play as hard as I can in every game.”


Q11: Who could make it in WNBA?

A11: “Riley Filler, because she is really good, aggressive, and scary, but in a good way.”


Q12:Why did you chose the sport?

A12: “Because it’s physical, so I get to push people, but not in a bad way. And when you make a basket you get that rush.”


Q13: Which 2 teammates would you bring on vacation?

A13: “Hailey James and Abby Watson.”

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