You Know What Burns My Bacon?

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You Know What Burns My Bacon?

Cade Jackson, Writer

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What burns my bacon is YouTube Rewind 2018. This year’s Rewind was absolute trash, completely god-awful. This Rewind is the top grossing disliked video in YouTube history. It is only 800,000 dislikes away from being the #1 disliked youtube video. This year’s Rewind has many reasons on why it’s awful. I have my own reasons, but I went around and asked people what they hated most about Rewind 2018. (Subscribe to Pewdiepie)


Jacob H. ¨They added Ninja for no reason; he’s not even a YouTuber and shouldn’t have been in it.¨


Ray H. ¨I only knew one YouTuber and that was Casey Neistat. Then he was doing some weird stuff with K-Pop.¨


Kyle E. ¨I hated how they put drags at the same level of importance as kids with terminal illnesses.¨


Branden M. ¨Our lord and savior Pewdiepie wasn’t in the Rewind, everyone subscribe to Pewdiepie.¨


Ryan W. ¨ I didn’t know anyone in the video, I didn’t see Tasty or music videos sooo where’s that at.¨


Austin C. ¨It didnt review anything from the year at all, it was just a big mess of fortnite and dead YouTubers.¨


Ryan F. “It was awful! They said let the people control it, but it was more like let the media control it! Put YouTubers in the video, not twitch streamers!”


I personally think it wasn’t well organized. YouTube just kind of put a bunch of random people in there that no one knew. Also, they made it too political with most statements and just ruined it. The whole thing was just a big political stunt that didn’t make anything better. They never covered anything that really happened this year, only things that were irrelevant. It was mostly like a big shout out to dying channels.

P.S. when I wrote this it was at 9.2 million dislikes, now it’s at 10 million and is the most disliked video in YouTube history.

Here’s the video, go dislike it and do your part!


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