4.0 interview: How to maintain good grades


Payton Bowling, Writer

Jeffrey Holbrook

Jeffrey is a senior who participates in football, and is a part of NHS.

1: How do you maintain a 4.o?

“I usually always do my homework, and study for tests. I also don’t procrastinate, because it stresses me out, and it helps to just stay ahead of things, since I usually have a lot to keep up with.”

2: What’s the hardest part about maintaining a 4.0?

“Making sure I do good [sic] on every assignment, test, and project, because bombing one can drop your grade pretty bad.”

3: What motivates you to keep your grades so high?

“It looks good on college applications, and the better the GPA in high school, the better the scholarships so I don’t have to be loaded with debt.”

4: Do you think you will have a 4.0 in college?

“I am going to try, but with a lot of other college activities going on, it might be hard  but I will definitely still keep my grades up.”

5: How do you study productively?

“I don’t really study productively to be honest, I play a lot of 2k when I should be studying, but before I go to bed I make sure I look over stuff and actually concentrate on it.

6: What is NHS, and how do you get into it?

“Well it’s pretty much the students that have good grades, so that’s how you get into it, and we pretty much just raise money for school events and do community service.”

7: What is the hardest class you’ve ever took?

“Definitely Calculus because there’s so much that goes into every problem, some problems will literally take you 45 minutes just because of how difficult everything is to do. If Miss Cox wasn’t such a good teacher, I would probably fail it.”

8: What is one thing you would tell someone to help them pass Calculus?

“Always stay on top of your homework, otherwise you will get lost. And, always ask questions if you don’t understand something.”

9: Was there ever a time you wanted to give up on school? How did you overcome it?

“Not really, I mean it sucks most of the time but I pretty much just get over it to do the stuff I have to do.”

10: What are some of your tips for finals?

“Definitely study since they are worth a good chunk of your grade, and ask questions if you have forgotten something.”

11: How did you keep up with your grades during your senior football season?

“It was difficult since I didn’t have very much spare time, so I was always doing something in study hall to help get stuff done.”

12: What’s one thing you tell an incoming freshman on how to keep their grades up?

“Probably ask questions, because freshman think teachers are scary.”