Interviews on Finals

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Interviews on Finals

Riley Filler, Writer

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A lot of students at OHS this week have been stressing about the dreaded finals coming up. We asked multiple students questions concerning their feelings about the tests they have to take next week. Their answers are here below:

  1. Upperclassmen: What’s the worst final you’ve taken so far while being at OHS?

“Definitely Mr. Slaton’s Chem 1 final where we didn’t know half the stuff on the test.”- Claire McLoone

“Probably our Algebra 2 final because it was hard.”- Ben Dunlap

2. Upperclassmen: Since you’re experienced at finals, what is your best tip for underclassmen?

“Do not procrastinate is the main thing. Study way before, even if it’s an easy class.”- Claire McLoone

“Don’t study, it’s a waste of time.”- Ben Dunlap

3. What final are you the most anxious about?

“Probably Algebra ’cause I never know what’s going on in there.”- Rachel Vanduyne

“I’m really scared for the Algebra 2 final because I don’t really know Algebra 2 and it’s really just hard for me.”- Lilly Bergstrom

4. What final do you think is the easiest on your schedule?

“Spanish because that’s the easiest class ever.”- Alec Noyd

“Coach Johnson’s History final because that one’s gonna be an easy one.”- Ben Dunlap

5. How much time do you think you have spent studying/preparing?

“Considering I have 8 classes with 8 periods, at least 8 hours, if not more.”- Claire McLoone

“Negative 3 hours.”- Lilly Bergstrom


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