Post Game Interview with Josh Johnson

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Post Game Interview with Josh Johnson

Morgan S.

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Tuesday´s game against the Rockets was crazy! Orion won in the final seconds of the game with a buzzerbeater 3 by Josh Johnson. Today I interviewed him to see what he thought about the game.


Walk us through the last seconds of the game? What was going through your head?

“I was thinking that we needed to get a shot off and I got the ball so I shot it. I felt comfortable making that shot for our team.”

Did you expect to make 2 3’s in a row like you did? Why or why not?

“No, because they were tough shots to make, but I am glad that they went in.”

Going into half-time did you expect to come out on top?

“I expected us to get closer and knock the lead down to double digits. Once that happened we took it from there.”

What were you thinking about before the game?

“I love skittles. I was eating skittles before the game and they are my favorite candy.”

What went through your head as you were shooting the last 3? Did you expect to even get the ball on that last possession?

“No, I did not expect to get the ball on the last possession. When I caught the ball, I shot the 3 and just hoped for the best when it was in the air.”

After you made the first 3 did you think you would even have a chance to get the ball back to potentially tie or win the game?

“I believed that the defense that we ran made them turn the ball over, which set us up for the last shot.”

Do you think it was a whole team effort to win the game? Cade played a big role in giving you a chance to even win the game, what do you have to say about that?

“I agree that Cade played a big role for us and if he didn’t make the 3’s that he did we wouldn’t have even been in the position to win. I also believe that it was a team effort and if we didn’t all believe we could win we wouldn’t have.” 

With Alex out, how have you guys stepped up to fill his position?

“Ben Dunlap, Logan Kane, and Josh Spranger have all stepped up and played the big man position really well. If they did not step up like they have, I don’t think we would be as good as we are.”

What did Coach tell you guys at the timeout after your first shot? Was there a game plan?

“He told us to get a defensive stop and score when we got the ball.”

Do you think the student section played a role in winning? What was it like having everyone run out on the court?

“Yeah they played a big role. They kept the energy high for us on the court and in the building. It was a very good feeling having everyone run out on the court. It let us know that a lot of people came out to support us.”

What was it like in the locker room after the game?

“It was very loud. We finally got to play music again because we won, and that was a good feeling for us.”

It has been 9 years since you have beat Rockridge. Coach Johnson as the Varsity head coach has never beat the Rockets before. How does that make you feel?

“It’s a good feeling that we got the win for coach. But we are focused for our game next Tuesday against Ridgewood. Come out and support us again.”



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