Athlete of the Week: Cade Weiss- Sophomore- Basketball

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Athlete of the Week: Cade Weiss- Sophomore- Basketball

Avery Noble

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Cade Weiss is a sophomore who plays on the JV and Varsity basketball team.


Q1:What do you like most about basketball?

A1: “My teammates.”


Q2: What is on your pre-game playlist?

A2: “I would say Kip Moore and September.”


Q3: Which 3 teammates would you take on vacation?

A3: “I would take Jarrett Thornburg, Adam Burgert, and Abram Anderson.”


Q4: Which teammate could go to the NBA? Why?

A4: “Ben Dunlap, but as a cheerleader.”


Q5: Do you have a favorite NBA team?

A5:”Yes, the Chicago Bulls.”


Q6: What do you eat before games?

A6: “A Subway sandwich.”


Q7:What is your greatest strength as a team?

A7: “I would say our speed.”


Q8:What is the best thing about practice?

A8: “Leaving.”


Q9: What is your greatest strength as a basketball player?

A9: “I think my greatest strength is being a good teammate.”


Q10: Why did you chose #15 to wear?

A10: “It has a 5 in it and we have no 5s on the jv team.”


Q11:Do you plan to play basketball in college? If so where?

A11: “No, I’m too tiny to play in college.”


Q12: What do you and the boys do before games?

A12: “We get food together.”


Q13: What is it like play jv and varsity?

A13: “It’s tiring because it is double the games.”






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