Sentimental Gifts

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Sentimental Gifts

Brooke Norberg

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Christmas is only 20 days away, which means time is ticking down to get a gift. Now, the easy way out of getting a person a gift is to buy them one. Although, it may have a great value price wise, but a bought gift has no comparable value to a handmade gift. Handmade gifts are sentimental and personal. These gifts shows thoughtfulness that went into the gift and you actually spent time to make a gift for that person. A handmade gift shows greater meaning and is far more valuable.

Here are some example of sentimental gifts:

  • tie blanket
  • tie pillows
  • baked goods/baking mixes
  • personally decorated mugs
  • candles
  • hand soaps
  • bracelets
  • photo collages
  • thoughtful card or letters
  • personally decorated ornament
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