Cute Winter Date Ideas


Payton Bowling

Winter break is right around the corner, below is a list of different date ideas to do during the season.

  • Ice skating: One of the most popular places to go ice skating is The River’s Edge ice skating park.  It is located at 700 W River Dr, Davenport, IA. Admission is $5.50 and skate rentals are $3.50.
  • Staying inside and watching movies: This date is just about as simple as it can get, and the only thing that you’ll need is POPCORN which is approximately $1.25.
  • Going to a coffee shop, and talking over some hot cocoa. Recently, Charged has been a huge hit in Orion, but if you want somewhere to sit down and be warm, you would have to go into town. In Moline they have Miltown, Java lab, Dead poets, QC Fuel, or even Starbucks. Hot cocoa is cheap, and delicious.
  • Christmas Tree Hunting: Weber’s Christmas Tree Forest is in Geneseo, IL is open Tuesday to Sunday. This is totally free! (unless you buy a tree)
  • Christmas Charades: For this date, all you need is a couple friends, and some paper. Write down Christmas themed songs, movies, etc. And put them in a bowl for you to draw out.
  • Gingerbread house making: This “date” can be either a project you guys do together, or you guys can both get a gingerbread house and compete on who’s better. They have gingerbread houses at Walmart for as cheap as $8!
  • Go sledding: Snow Star is a huge hit in the winter for our area. Snow Star is located in Andalusia, IL, and is open December 7th. To tube, at the most is $25.
  • Have a winter photo shoot: If you ever want to just admire the beauty of your significant other, take pictures of them. You can have a photo shoot literally anywhere, and it costs ZERO dollars.
  • Go have dinner & look at Christmas lights: During the holidays, there is always some houses that outdo everyone else with their lighting, and those houses are the best to look at.
  • Go shop for matching Christmas apparel: Every year, everyone wants to look christmasy, and getting matching outfits together is the best way to go about it. Target, Old navy, Kohls, Jcpenny, and almost any clothing store are selling Christmas outfits, so now is the time to go.