Thoughts, Opinions, Gripes, and Grievances


Kian Pfannenstiel, Writer

Some of you may recognize this, and that’s because I copied and pasted it from something I posted on Facebook. Forgive me if I talk in a roundabout way; most of the people that read the things I say follow weird sentences relatively well. Thank you for bearing with me on this.

I find people blaming the opposite political party way too often for anything they can muster up. I don’t care how much of what you said is true, it doesn’t help anything. When the Democrats point their fingers at the Republicans and dehumanize them, and the Republicans do the same to the Democrats, nothing gets done. If you have a problem, DISCUSS a solution with those who disagree, DIPLOMATICALLY find a solution that satisfies both of you equally, and act on it. Don’t come up with “the perfect solution” based on your own beliefs and opinions without factoring those in of people with different beliefs and opinions and then blame people who did the exact same thing as you but came to a different solution for all of the problems that we face. And never dehumanize anyone. Whenever you do these things, you are all equally to blame, because you just gum up the system and create more problems by not collaborating.

Here’s a bonus piece of information for you: George Washington never wanted political parties and was bothered that the candidates after him made parties because he knew this would happen. If you want a source for that factoid, I learned it from either Mrs. Fausett (I hope I spelled that right) or Mr. Rittenhouse. I can’t remember which of their classes it was.