Lettuce Be Gone

Kati Kratzberg, Writer

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It’s official, your excuse to avoid contaminated veggies and binge on sweets is no longer valid. Romaine lettuce, from certain states, has been put back on the shelves after controlling the e. coli outbreak that caused 43 illnesses throughout the United States and Canada. The illnesses were reported from early October until Halloween. Of the 43 people who became ill due to the e. coli, 16 of them were hospitalized. This strain of e. coli is called Shiga toxin and can produce symptoms of diarrhea, cramps, and vomiting. Luckily, investigators have traced the e. coli back to lettuce grown in northern and central California and are continuing to investigate and take care of the issue. From here on out, all lettuce will be labeled with its place of harvest and the date it was harvested. So, for now, we can feel somewhat safe about eating Caesar salads, but it never hurts to check yourself for the several symptoms of e. coli.


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