Teacher of the Week


Ella Oliva, McKenna Unger, and

Profe is the Spanish teacher at our school. She teaches grades 9-12 and was our 2nd candidate for Teacher of the Week.

When you were younger what did you want to be?

“Oooo I wanted to be a vet. I love animals.”

What’s your favorite place you’ve visited? Why?

“Ooooo oh man that’s really hard. Probably. It depends, if it’s spanish speaking, Spain. If anywhere, the Abaco Islands. We rent a boat and just go out on the oceans.”

If you weren’t a Spanish teacher what would you be?

“Mmmm, I would probably be a crossfit gym owner.”

Have you met any famous people? If not, who would you want to meet?

“I have, um Earl Dibbles Jr. (Granger Smith) , John Party, and Jake Owen.”

What was your favorite thing about living in Mexico?

“Oh man. I loved how the culture was just so social. Nobody stayed at home and watched tv, they would hang out at Starbucks until 10 p.m.”

Do you prefer speaking English or Spanish?

“Man. I would just have to meet more people that know Spanish and then I’d prefer Spanish.”

Do you prefer online shopping or in store?

“Man I’m not a huge shopper, My mom was a huge shopper, so I just recieved. Man I order from amazon more than anything. Online probably, I don’t get to a mall very often.”

What’s your favorite song?

“Oooo pfff, currently, I listen to a lot of hip hop, so…. in Spanish definitely “MIA” by Drake, but I like anything. I have a lot of Cardi B. However, my all time favorite song is “Heartache on the Dance Floor” by Jon Pardi.”

Which Spanish class (level) do you prefer to teach?

“I love freshman, I usually say 1 or 2. I like the freshness.”

What’s your favorite Spanish food?

“My favorite is paella.”

What’s your favorite American food?

“Hmmhmmm I need my husband for that question. I’d probably say pizza, like supreme.”

What’s your favorite Holiday? Why?

“4th of July because it’s the summer, we usually spend time with friends or family on the boat.”

What got you interested in Spanish?

“My high school Spanish teacher, we’re still best friends. We teach the adult class together at Knoxville.”

What advice would you give to high school students? 

“My advice would be always be open to trying new things; new experiences, don’t be stuck in the small town kind of bubble, always travel, even if it’s just another city in the U.S.”

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