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XXXTENTACION was shot and killed while leaving a motorcycle dealership in Southern Florida on June 18th, 2018. Even though XXXTENTACION has passed away, he continues to create new music. His newest single titled ¨BAD!¨, is his fifth single that has been released since his death. The newest single has a total runtime of one minute and thirty-five seconds. This is a relatively short song, but XXXTENTACION is notorious for having short songs that seem half finished. This song is also the leadoff single for a new album by XXXTENTACION titled Skins, set to release in December. There is no official release date, but many fans speculate that the album will drop on December 7th of this year.

But how does the song sound? In my opinion, the song has an amazing track or beat behind it. John Cunningham, the producer of the single, did an amazing job of finding a good beat to match the lyrics written by XXXTENTACION. The lyrics, rapped by XXXTENTACION, seem to fit this new era of “mumble rap.” You cannot understand what lyrics XXXTENTACION is saying because it sounds like he is mumbling. Most fans of rap music will not like this single for that one reason. In my opinion though, it is an amazing song if you can open your mind and look past that one negative.

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