News Interview about the Blizzard that occurred last night!!!!! HEHE

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News Interview about the Blizzard that occurred last night!!!!! HEHE

Morgan S., Writer

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Today, I interviewed some folks on the white substance that appeared on the ground this morning! Sometime in the early hours of the morning, something like 12 feet of snow fell onto the streets of Orion, causing a lot of talk throughout the town. IGA’s shelves are now empty as people stocked up with food. The snow storm could potentially trap people in their houses for days. For some reason school is still in session because the grind doesn’t stop. Here are Mackenzie, Mrs. Kershaw, and Ty’s thoughts on the blizzard.

How do you feel about the snow this morning?

Mackenzie: “I don’t know. I did not appreciate it because it is cold and my road was really bad.”

Ty: “I woke up, looked outside and wanted to cry and go back to bed.”

Mrs. Kershaw: ” It really stressed me out. I could barely find my car.”


Have you driven in the snow before?

Mackenzie: ” No, my parents wouldn’t let me drive in the snow with my permit. So, I have no experience.”

Ty: “Yes, remember that one time when my mom had to take us to school because I ran my car into the ditch. Actually, it got sucked into the ditch.”

Mrs Kershaw: ” I have driven in the snow for 16 years, but I have never experienced anything like this morning’s drive.”


Did you have any scary experiences this morning?

Mackenzie: “I did actually! This white truck with a green dirt bike ran through a stop sign right out in front of me. But, then they got karma because they spun out because the roads were slick.”

Ty: “I did but it had nothing to do with the snow. My hair was a little ummm straight this morning. So when I got to school I had to use water from the drinking fountain to wet it down again.”

Mrs Kershaw: ” No, but only because I got up so early I did not meet any cars on the road.”


Did you leave your house early this morning?

Mackenzie: “I actually did because I had to get Doritos from Casey’s.”

Ty: “No, actually late because because I had to clear the snow off of my car so I could see.”

Mrs. Kershaw: ” Yes, I set my alarm so I could get out right after the plows.”


Do you have any funny past experiences in with snow?

Mackenzie: “One time Emiliah decided to do burnouts in her brother’s Mustang in her yard. She almost hit a chicken because everything was so white she couldn’t see the little guy.”

Ty: ” Funny? *thinks for 10 minutes* No, they are all terrible memories.”

Mrs. Kershaw: “Okay yeah. In high school, one time they didn’t cancel school and they should have and the roads were super icy. I came to a 4-way stop and slid and did an exact 180. I then had to drive all the way back to my house and tried again.”


Did you wear a coat this morning?

Mackenzie: “Yeah, I wear a coat everyday because it is freezing.”

Ty: “No, but there is one in my car.”

Mrs. Kershaw: ” Of course, and a scarf.”


Are you a better driver in the snow or rain?

Mackenzie: “Rain, because snow is scary!”

Ty: “Ohhhh rain, well it depends on how much rain. I have almost gotten into an accident on I-74 because of rain.”

Mrs. Kershaw: ” That is a really good question because I suck at both. I’m gonna have to go with snow because I get super nervous when I can’t see.”

Do you think it is to early for snow?

Mackenzie: ” It went from summer to winter real quick, so yeah.”

Mrs. Kershaw: ” I don’t. It snows on Veterans Day weekend almost every year.”

If you were to have gotten stranded in the snow this morning, would you have been prepared?

Mackenzie: ” I have a blanket in my car and that is about it, so prolly not.”

Ty: “”Yes, there were only about 2 inches of snow so I think I would have survived.”

Mrs. Kershaw: ” I have enough goldfish crackers on the floor of my van that I could survive for 5-7 weeks.

Do you think we should have had school today?

Mackenzie: “No, because I almost watched an accident happen before my eyes this morning.”

Ty: “Yes, there was no reason not too.”

Mrs. Kershaw: ” No, absolutely not. I will be lodging a letter to both Mr. Blessman and the state of Illinois.”


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2 Responses to “News Interview about the Blizzard that occurred last night!!!!! HEHE”

  1. Adrian Sowers on November 13th, 2018 2:32 pm

    Talk about FNN

  2. Branden Morrison on December 4th, 2018 2:56 pm

    The statements about my older brothers “mustang” are false. Emiliah barely knows how to drive her small toyota camry in the snow. Let alone a 565 horsepower GT 500 . Nice try.

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  • News Interview about the Blizzard that occurred last night!!!!! HEHE


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  • News Interview about the Blizzard that occurred last night!!!!! HEHE


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News Interview about the Blizzard that occurred last night!!!!! HEHE